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How to Move a Database Diagram in SQL Server 2000

Method 1 : Using Enterprise manager

1. Expand the Databases folder under Enterprise Manager.
2. Right-click the database containing the diagram you wish to copy and select "All Tasks" and "Export Data"
3. In "Data Transformation Services Import/Export Wizard", click the Next button.
4. In the "Choose a Data Source" window, click Next.
5. In the "Choose a Destination" window, select the Server and Database to which you wish to transfer the database diagram. Click Next.
6. In "Specify Table Copy or Query", select "Use a Query to specify the database to transfer". Click Next.
7. In "Type SQL Statement", type "select * from dtproperties" and click Next.
8. In "Select Source Table and Views", click the "Results" destination and change to "dtproperties". Click Next.
9. In "Save, Schedule, and Replicate Package", check "Run Immediately" and click Next.
10. In "Completing the DTS Import/Export Wizard", click Finish.
11. Click "OK" and "Done" to exit the wizard.

Method 2: Using Query Analyser
or else use query analyser to copy the contents of [SourceDB]..dtProperties to the [DestinationDB..dtProperties]

INSERT [DestinationDB].Dbo.DtProperties
SELECT objectid,property,value,uvalue,lvalue,version
FROM [SourceDB].dbo. dtProperties

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